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Selling in the Japanese market, as many foreign companies have discovered to their regret, is not an easy task. Language, manners, and business codes are among the very first obstacles encountered. While these barriers are truly formidable real success comes after products gain market recognition.
Historically the Japanese business market has developed a rather complicated web of influential groups, lobbies and power brokers who manipulate the business market.

Making the difference
With the increasing need to import technology for IT and Internet-related business, as well as medical equipment, High-Tech knowledge and other consumer products, Atrige provides the answer to Japan. where deals are decided on the golf course, in the back rooms of restaurants, or among members of a club, you need an insider. To be able to present your solution in such locations, at ATRIGE we have all the necessary contacts and influence.
Thanks to the wide spectrum of the operations, Atrige has built a unique network of contacts, which enables Atrige to furnish its clients with solutions for virtually any trans-cultural representation, marketing or sales tasks in Japan. With key outlets and market players. With experience and awareness of cultural nuances for the implementation of strategic marketing techniques.
Atrige's result-yielding approach to business strategies and methodologies were constructed in cooperation with prominent leaders in Japan's industries and manufacturers as well as the marketing and advertising communities. All of our strength, influence and resources will be maneuvered into a sole channel - making your business a success.

Bringing the Business to you
Traveling expenses, distance, traveling hazards etc. can become a heavy burden and prove harmful to the business of a company of any scale. Aware of this problem, we at Atrige bring the business to your doorstep. More than often Atrige approaches foreign companies and manufacturers on the behalf of its Japanese clients.

Our commitment, customer success
At Atrige we are confident in our ability to contribute to your success. In fact, in order to prove to our customers how far we extend our commitment to your success, here at Atrige we abide by the motto "Pay on Delivery".

Recently we have received complaints concerning unauthorized
individuals posing as Atrige's partners, or of having a business
relationship with Atrige.

Recurrent complains have been reported regarding individuals who claim to have previously lived in Japan and had business relationships with Atrige. We encourage anyone that encounters such and similar claims to authenticate these individuals by sending e-mail to the following address:
Please include the name of the person you wish to authenticate, and we will send full details by return e-mail. Full information privacy is assured, and no use, commercial or otherwise, will be made of the private details of the persons sending the e-mail.

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